Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey little dreamer's eyes open and staring up at meOh little lonely eyes open and radiantWait until I come and I will steal youWait until I come I'll take your soulWait until I come and I will steal youWait until I come and I won't goDarlin' dreamin in the nightShadows on the windowsLead oh and everyone goWell leave me on the nightI will give you lightningI will not relinquish lightOh little dreamer eyes open and raving hereWait until I come and see you little girlWhen we come I'll leave with you tooWhen we come I'll let you come lowHey we'll leave it all behindOh and then the nightmaresI'll fill them in good timeOh they will seat your mindWhen the light hitsAnd you maybe'll ask meWhy do you run around hereWhy do you come inside of meWhy does it rip me out in dreamWhy then why then watch this little fuckGoing awayWhy this lonelyWhy this lonelyWhy this lonely loveWhy this lonelyWhy this lonelyWhy this lonely loveHalloweenCarry onBury allBury allBury allBury allBury allAnd let this dreamTell us are you satisfied with fuckingDon't walk awayDon't walk awayDon't walk awayI'm talking to youLove is hellLove is hellLove is hellLove this I'll tame youLoveLoveLoveLove this not me hereLoveLoveLoveLove him up to you.

Wish I could take credit for those lyrics , but they belong to the dave matthews band. That song has kind of become a tradtion. We listen to it while we are finishing up getting ready to go out in our costumes. This year I'm still not sure who or what I'm going as. Last year was a so much fun. I dressed up as Borat. I grew the moustache and body hair. Luckily my step brother is a drag queen because I'm bald and needed one of his wigs. I wore the yello g string singlet and black boots. It didn't take long to start getting feed back from people about my costume. Overall I was happy just to get any sort of reaction from people. So right now im stuck , have no time and a lot of thinking to do.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Unhappy anniversary to me.

10 years ago to this day something happend and it has changed my life ever since. To this day I still look at a certain type of person differently. I don't hate anyone, but I guess I could be a little predjudice. It was the day after my 21st birthday and I was excited to go out with my ID. I was finally legal to drink at a bar. I had to work on my birthday so we saved the festivities for the night after. I happened to be single at the time so a couple friends and I combed the mall looking for something new to wear for the big night. The plans were to go to dinner and meet up downtown at a bar. Where im from downtown has about 11 bars and its in a decent size city. While looking for a place to park I'm on my flip phone letting my friends know where im at and how long I will be until I get to the bar. Where I parked to the bar was 3 blocks. After I got out of the car and started heading to the bar I saw a man sitting on the side walk. As I got closer he appeared to be upset. I asked him if everything was ok and he mumbled. From what I remember I leaned in and asked him again if he was ok. Next thing I remember was that I was on a stretcher in an ambulance on my way to the hospital with my sister next to me freaking out.
It took a while to piece things together, but I did and this is what happened.
The police report stated while I was bending down to help this person someone came from behind and hit me in the head with a brick. I have about a 4 inch scar on the back of my head. After I fell to the ground the person who I thought was injured stabbed me in the back with a knife. I also have a scar on my back to remind me of the pain i went through. So I was setup, beaten and robbed. Luckily someone had wittnessed this hollered and spooked my attackers so they would flee. The wittness called 911 and my friends happened to show up shortly after looking for me because it was about an hour after I said I would be there. My sister knew something was wrong when I wasnt answering my phone. My attackers each served 7 years in prison for robbery and attempted murder. For being in the wrong place at the wrong time what did they get? $150 in cash, a crappy cell phone. $200 watch and a $80 pair of sneakers. So now when I see a homeless person or someone who resembles a homeless person I remember that night. It doesn't matter the race or gender of the individual I still think of that night.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

oh what a niight

Birthday boy

After reading a friends blog I guess you could call her that, but someone I haven't known for that long let me read hers. I've heard of blogs before, but never thought I would start one or even read someones. How and when do you start one? What to write to get people interested in reading it. Although I don't care who reads it. Just looking for a way to get whats out of my head out there with out having to pay a co pay. So today I turned 31 and decided it was a good a day as any to start blogging. Now I get to look forward to work.