Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey little dreamer's eyes open and staring up at meOh little lonely eyes open and radiantWait until I come and I will steal youWait until I come I'll take your soulWait until I come and I will steal youWait until I come and I won't goDarlin' dreamin in the nightShadows on the windowsLead oh and everyone goWell leave me on the nightI will give you lightningI will not relinquish lightOh little dreamer eyes open and raving hereWait until I come and see you little girlWhen we come I'll leave with you tooWhen we come I'll let you come lowHey we'll leave it all behindOh and then the nightmaresI'll fill them in good timeOh they will seat your mindWhen the light hitsAnd you maybe'll ask meWhy do you run around hereWhy do you come inside of meWhy does it rip me out in dreamWhy then why then watch this little fuckGoing awayWhy this lonelyWhy this lonelyWhy this lonely loveWhy this lonelyWhy this lonelyWhy this lonely loveHalloweenCarry onBury allBury allBury allBury allBury allAnd let this dreamTell us are you satisfied with fuckingDon't walk awayDon't walk awayDon't walk awayI'm talking to youLove is hellLove is hellLove is hellLove this I'll tame youLoveLoveLoveLove this not me hereLoveLoveLoveLove him up to you.

Wish I could take credit for those lyrics , but they belong to the dave matthews band. That song has kind of become a tradtion. We listen to it while we are finishing up getting ready to go out in our costumes. This year I'm still not sure who or what I'm going as. Last year was a so much fun. I dressed up as Borat. I grew the moustache and body hair. Luckily my step brother is a drag queen because I'm bald and needed one of his wigs. I wore the yello g string singlet and black boots. It didn't take long to start getting feed back from people about my costume. Overall I was happy just to get any sort of reaction from people. So right now im stuck , have no time and a lot of thinking to do.

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