Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No more "free" xbox games anymore.

This weekend had everything thrown at me, but the kitchen sink. I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone. Started with a fight then ended with being a dd for my step brother and his bf. I'm starting to realize that you don't always need someone there and that being on your own can be a good thing. Although it does get a bit lonely at times. Just going through the motions one day at a time. April 4th 2010 should be awkward. Thats when I will get to see my brother for the first time in 3 years. We had a big fight before he was busted for a parole violation. Congrats on my sister for 43 days of being clean and sober. Keep it up im so proud of you. Halloween was fun, but a cold night. Almost got arrested for having too much fun, but thankfully did not. Being the dd and bringing my step brother and his friend home was quite an expierence. One I don't want to relive. Hearing 2 grown men make out is not my idea of a good time. They were drunk so I just turned the radio up. Eventually I hope to forget that. I found out I have an addiction also. I like to play video games online. Got the banhammer as they call it for having a pirated xbox so they booted me. The next day I drop $500 on a new system and games. I would think that might make it seem like I have an issue. Today is the humpday for my work week. No more concrete jungle where dreams are made of but the liberty bell and cheese steaks. Too bad for me that there isnt a place open selling cheesesteaks while im working. Tonight will be interesting.

Store manager: That stuff goes in the cooler!
Me: I dont go in the cooler.
SM: That stuff goes in the cooler.
Me: I don't go in the cooler.
SM: The other drivers went in the cooler!
Me: The policy states we are not supposed to go in the cooler there for im not going in the cooler.
SM:That stuff goes in the cooler!
Me: Sorry sir im not going in the cooler if theres a problem please call customer service and they will be happy to forward you a copy of the policy.
This is week 3 of the new bid and I'm looking forward to one customer in paticular tonight. That conversation goes on about 5 times a night. It should end tonight. Hopefully.

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  1. I'm gonna say that when I go into work tonight. "Sorry...I don't do the cooler"